The members of the Steering Committee have come together to work on a bi-partisan child welfare policy reform agenda. 

Steering Committee Members (Current as of May 2018)(in alphabetical order)

Kathleen Creamer, Managing Attorney, Family Advocacy Unit, Community Legal Services (Chair of Subcommittee on Children of Incarcerated Parents) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Darice Good,  Law Office of Darice Good (Atlanta, Georgia)

Martin Guggenheim, Professor Law, New York University School of Law and Co-director, Family Defense Clinic, NYU Law School (New York City, New York)

Andrew Brown,  Director of Family Policy, Texas Public Policy Foundation (Austin, Texas

Joyce McMillan, Program Director, Child Welfare Organizing Project (New York City, New York)

Michael Ramey, Executive Director, ParentalRights.Org (Purcellville, Virginia)

Diane Redleaf, Legal Director, National Center for Housing and Child Welfare and Principal, Family Defense Consulting (Chicago, Illinois)

Johana Scot, M.A. (Psychology), Executive Director, Parent Guidance Center, Inc. (Austin, Texas)

Richard Wexler, (Executive Director, National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, for idenfication only)(Alexandria, Virginia)

Ruth White, Executive Director, National Center for Housing and Child Welfare (College Park, Maryland)

Note: endorsement by steering committee members of the specific initiatives of the United Family Advocates does not constitute an endorsement of any other position of any organizations with which the individual members are affiliated.


Special Thank You To Those Who Have Helped Us Along the Way:

The Steering Committee works closely with allies and friends who have provided extensive advice and assistance.  We gratefully ackowledge the assistance of the National Alliance for Parent Representation of the American Bar Association's Center on Children and the Law; Lenore Skenazy (President of Let Grow and Founder of Free Range Kids); and Michael Farris (now president, CEO and general counsel to the Alliance Defending Freedom), along with William Estrada, our founding-co-chair Martin Brown and Jim Bentley, all formerly affiliated with ParentalRights.Org, who have helped in the formation of United Family Advocates as an alliance of advocates who may not agree on anything besides the importance of defending families in the child welfare system.

United Family Advocates also gratefully acknowledges  members of its working committees on poverty is not neglect,  children of incarcerated parents and anonymous reporting issues. 

To support our work or get involved, please use the "Contact" form on this web page.