United Family Advocates (UFA) is a bipartisan coalition of child and family advocates who seek policy solutions to create a more compassionate and just approach to child welfare that focuses on supporting rather than separating families. We bring together advocates from across the political spectrum who have divergent views on many issues, but are united by our commitment to a future in which children and families find safety and support from community investment rather than government intervention.



    United Family Advocates will have succeeded when it becomes universally recognized that supporting family integrity is a bipartisan issue requiring bipartisan solutions, and when families are rarely and never unnecessarily separated by the government.



    To treat the child welfare system as a bipartisan justice issue by advancing bipartisan policy solutions that focus on strengthening investments in and support for families and communities.



    • Transform the core narrative and binary framework that places child safety in opposition with family preservation to one that recognizes the harm of family separation and prioritizes solutions that promote family integrity and self-determination;
    • Increase families’ access to concrete supports that enhance family stability and well-being and prevent unnecessary system involvement;
    • Eradicate family separation as a common intervention and make foster placement a rare event;
    • Eliminate the collateral economic and social consequences families experience due to the system’s surveillance and separation; and
    • End the permanent destruction of families and family ties.


    UFA advances its work through:

    • Research & Education: UFA educates policymakers and the public about the harms of the child welfare system and promotes direct investment in families and communities to support family well-being and keep children safe.
    • Policy Advocacy: UFA works across the aisle to advance legislative work that supports our priorities, activating networks well in advance of legislative impact opportunities.
    • Support Hub: UFA members support one another with rapid response feedback on draft legislation, amicus briefs, position papers, and media strategy that advance our priorities at the state and federal levels.